Choosing The Perfect Tow Truck For Your Needs

Posted on: 19 December 2022

Moving a vehicle from one place to another is easy when it is still operational. However, if you have an old car or your vehicle has broken down, you will need to tow it. That said, to execute a towing mission successfully, experts first assess the weight of your vehicle and its unique characteristics before choosing the right tow truck. With that in mind, here are some of the most common types of tow trucks and the towing functions where you might need them.

The Truck with a Flat Bed

This truck has a bed that eases toward the ground to load and operates on hydraulic pressure. Also, the vehicle rests on the bed while in transit to the desired location. Note that service providers secure the car onto the bed using specific chains when using this truck. Ultimately, once properly secured, the truck can move and maneuver hills and inclines without causing accidents. You should know that the benefit of this method is that your vehicle does not have to drag on the ground. As such, it will arrive at the desired location with minimum towing damage.

The Hook and Chain Truck

Hook and chain are more common than other types of towing vehicles. It is also the primary option the tow operators offer for vehicles with accident damage. With this method, they lift the front of the vehicle and hitch it to the truck using chains. Note that they can hook the bumper or the axle. That said, the nature of the towing process can lead to minor damage to your car's body. Given this, professionals are less likely to use this towing method unless your vehicle gets too damaged in an accident and is classified as junk. On the other hand, hitching a good car onto the hook might increase the cost of repair and realignment.

The Boom and Winch

Some incidents may cause the vehicle to veer off the road. So, if an accident forces you to drive your car to a ditch or somewhere off the highway, the professional towing service may recommend the boom winch. They will do this because it is more robust than the regular towing vehicle, which makes it ideal for complicated retrieval tasks. Moreover, some have a crane attachment that comes in handy if they have to lift the car from a low area before towing it.

If you're stuck on the road, note that the only way to get the ideal towing vehicle is to tell the operators about your car's make, size, and weight. They will also ask you about the condition of the road and several other factors to determine how much work is needed to transport the vehicle to safety.  

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