Are Towing Services Charged At A Flat Fee?

Posted on: 6 January 2022

Having their cars break down is not something that many motorists will anticipate. So if you have been involved in a car crash that has left your vehicle immobile or if your car suddenly is unresponsive on the road, you could be thinking that requesting a friend or a family member for a tow would be much cheaper for you than hiring professional towing services, as some people assume that the cost of towing is exorbitantly priced. But this is not necessarily the case. The first thing you should know is that towing services are rarely provided at a flat fee. Instead, the towing company will consider your unique circumstances when invoicing you. Therefore, you could be surprised at how affordable towing services would be. So what would dictate your final bill?

How secure is the area you have been stranded in?

Reputable towing companies should be able to send a truck to rescue their clients' vehicles irrespective of where they are. Nonetheless, distance is not the sole consideration they will take into account. Most companies will also factor in how secure the location is, as this will determine if additional safety measures need to be taken to extract your vehicle. As an example, if your car was to malfunction in a residential area, the towing company will have a fairly easy time extracting the broken down vehicle from this location. On the other hand, if the vehicle breaks down during rush hour traffic on a highway, the auto towing process will require specialized expertise to ensure that your car does not get damaged by incoming traffic. A rule of thumb to bear in mind is that the more complex the car removal process will be, the more money you would have to pay for towing services.

What is the state of your car?

The second factor that will come into play when determining the amount of money you may have to pay for towing services is the physical state of your car. Usually, this will be based on the main cause of the breakdown. Vehicles that require towing due to an auto accident may have acquired severe damage to the auto body. When the body of the vehicle is jeopardized, it complicates the towing process since the professionals have to take additional measures to make sure that they do not cause further damage. Extensive damage to the front or back of the car, for example, renders a hitch useless, and the towing company will have to employ other techniques to get your car to safety. Conversely, if your car has simply suffered a mechanical breakdown that impedes its function, a standard tow will suffice and will not inflate your final bill.

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