Five Reasons To Choose A Flatbed Tow Truck

Posted on: 14 January 2021

Whether you are moving a vehicle or were just in an accident, when you need a tow you may not think too much about the type of truck they send. It's best to request a flatbed tow truck, as the following illustrates.

1. Less Wear and Tear

A pull behind tow on a dolly or hook-and-chain truck can put a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle. Tires can wear unevenly and miles are added onto some of the drive train components of the car. These issues are of no concern with a flatbed trailer since none of the vehicle tires remain on the ground. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be in the same condition when it reaches its destination as it was in when the vehicle was loaded onto the flatbed.

2. Reduces Additional Damage

Following an accident, there will be loose parts and damage on the vehicle. Pull behind towing methods can shake and rattle the car, leading to more damage and increased repair bills following transport. Further, certain types of damage, such as those that bend a frame or break an axle, can make it more difficult or even dangerous to tow the damaged vehicle. A flatbed carries the vehicle securely, which reduces the chances of additional damage.

3. Suitable for All Vehicle Types

Some vehicles simply can't be towed easily with a pull behind method, such as motorcycles, but they can be easily towed on a flatbed. Other vehicles are more likely to suffer damage on a pull behind or you may want to protect the value of the vehicle, which is the case with most classic cars. Fortunately, flatbed towing is suitable for all consumer vehicle types, including cars, trucks, and many types of recreational vehicles.

4. Increased Road Safety

It's safer for other drivers on the road, your tow driver, and your vehicle if it is moved on a flatbed. For example, there are fewer control issues compared to pull behind methods, and there are no worries about brake lights and traffic signals not functioning properly.

5. Better for Long Distances

If you are moving a vehicle more than a few miles, then a flatbed is the best way to go. Towing costs are often less for long-distance tows on a flatbed trailer, for one. Further, the chances of damage to the vehicle from both road conditions and wear and tear are much lower.

Contact an auto towing service in your area for more help if you need to move your vehicle.


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