Get The Help You Need: What To Do When You Call For Roadside Assistance

Posted on: 10 August 2020

If your road trip has resulted in car trouble, you need to call for roadside assistance right away. But, the steps you take when you call can help you to avoid problems with the process. The first step you need to take is to make sure you're safely off the road. The next step is to make your car as visible as possible. That way, passing motorists can see you clearly. Next, take the steps provided below. 

Give Dispatch a Passenger Count

If you need to call for roadside assistance, be sure to give dispatch an accurate passenger count. This is especially important if your car will need to be towed. Dispatch needs to know how many people are with you so that their driver is prepared for transport. Without that information, some of your passengers may be left stranded, especially if there isn't enough room in the tow truck for them. 

Identify the Problem You're Facing

If your car broke down, and you need to call for roadside assistance, make sure you identify the problems you're facing. This is especially important when you're facing multiple issues. There are many times when multiple problems arise that require emergency assistance. For instance, you may have locked the keys in your car when you pulled over to check on a flat tire. Giving dispatch details about the problems you're facing will ensure that they come prepared to help resolve all of the issues. 

Give Clear Location Information

If you're stranded on the side of the road and need to call for a tow, give clear location information. This is especially important if you're not at an actual address. When you have an actual address to provide, dispatch can input the information into the GPS. But, when you're not able to provide a physical address, tow drivers can have a difficult time finding your location. To help the driver find you, provide as much detail as you can about your location, including landmarks that can be used for identification or your GPS coordinates.

Provide Phone Number

If you're in need of roadside assistance, try to provide more than one phone number. This is especially beneficial when you're traveling with a group. If your cell phone goes out of service, dispatch can use an alternate number to reach you. When you're waiting for roadside assistance, you want to make sure the towing company can get a hold of you.


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