2 Tips to Prevent Your Trailer from Swaying While Towing it on the Road

Posted on: 6 October 2016

Attaching a trailer to your car is a good way to move your belongings over a long distance without the hassle of renting a moving truck. However, towing a trailer involves taking a number of added precautions. One of the most common issues that occur when towing a trailer is swaying. This means that your trailer will move from side to side as you drive down the road. This is extremely dangerous to drivers in adjacent lanes and can also cause your car to rollover. Luckily, you can prevent your trailer from swaying by following a few extra tips.

Load Heavier Items Away from the Front Door

Weight distribution plays a huge role in how your trailer will perform while it is on the road. Uneven weight distribution can lead to swaying or can even cause your trailer to flip. In order to prevent this, you should start by loading heavier items near the back and away from the front doors of your trailer Use ropes and cords to secure these items, then begin placing lighter items near the front of the trailer. This will ensure that the trailer remains grounded during your road trip. If you load heavier items towards the front of the trailer, then this creates a weight gap between the car and the trailer. This causes the trailer to jerk from side to side as it is being pulled down the road.

Keep the Sides of Your Trailer Balanced

If you place one piece of furniture or a box on one side of your trailer, then you should place an item of equal weight on the adjacent side. This will make sure that your trailer maintains a level of balance. If your trailer is unbalanced, then this will not only lead to swaying but your trailer may roll over as it is being towed. In addition, your items should be secured down with ropes and cords in order to prevent them from moving all over the trailer. When items move while in transport this can also throw off the balance of the entire trailer. If you avoid stacking items too high and use up all of the space in your trailer, then should help you to avoid this issue.

Towing a trailer can be a fairly straightforward process if you take the time to follow the safety precautions necessary to avoid swaying. Therefore, use these tips to help make this process a little bit easier for you. For more information, contact services like Express Tow & Recovery. 


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