4 Summertime Supplies Every Car Owner Should Keep In Their Vehicle

Posted on: 9 February 2016

No driver ever wants to believe that they will get stranded, but this is one downfall that comes along with having to rely on a machine for transportation. If you find yourself stranded, waiting for an emergency towing service, in the summer, it can be not only frustrating, but dangerous if the temperatures are high. Before you head out in your car on a hot summer day, make sure you have some items on hand that can help you get through a threatening situation. 

1. Water - If you are stranded in a hot car for a long period of time, it will be crucial to stay hydrated so you don't become overheated or dehydrated. Water allows your body to sweat, which helps to keep your body temperature regulated. Therefore, make sure you always have some bottled water in your car just in case you run into an emergency situation. 

2. Reflective Window Covers - Those summer shades that you use to keep the direct sunlight off of your car in the summer when you park can be extremely helpful if you are stranded on the roadway in the heat of the day. So keep one tucked away in your trunk even if you wouldn't normally use one. If you don't have a reflective window shade on hand, you can ward off some of the direct sunlight by draping jackets or blankets over the windshield and back windows. 

3. Battery-Powered Fan or Hand Fans - Keeping the air circulated in a hot vehicle can help keep the stuffiness down so you can remain more comfortable while you wait for help. Keep a battery-operated fan on hand that you can pull out and use if you are stuck in the heat. If you don't have a battery-powered fan, grab a few inexpensive hand fans and keep them in the car. In a pinch, simple hand fans can be created out of cardboard or paper as well. 

4. High-Protein Snacks - When you are stuck in a car that could be scorching hot inside, it will drain your body of energy quickly. Make sure you have something on hand to keep your energy up by creating an emergency snack pack of foods that have a longer shelf life and will not be affected by the heat, such as granola, nuts, or even peanut butter and crackers. In a bind, you will be thrilled to have something to munch on.

Be sure to keep the phone number of a towing company, such as Superior Towing, in your cell phone so you can quickly get help in an emergency.


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