Necessary Winter Safety Items Every Driver Must Have While Waiting For A Tow Truck

Posted on: 30 October 2015

When the weather takes a turn for cold and harsh, it brings about an entirely new set of concerns as a driver. Not only should you take caution and change the way you drive, but you also must change what you consider necessary to have with you in the car. Even though you know a towing service, such as John's Wrecker Service, can always help you out when the roads are bad, it can take  little longer than usual for a professional to get to you. Before you trust your vehicle in the cold temperatures, be sure you get prepared for a worst-case scenario by having the following list of items on hand.

1. Blankets or Extra Layers of Clothing - Keep enough blankets and jackets in the car to cover you and any passengers you normally have in the vehicle with you. Staying wrapped up if you cannot use your heat in the car while you wait for help could be the difference in you getting out of the situation without frostbite or hypothermia.

2. Water - Place at least a gallon of water in your vehicle in the winter for emergency situations. If something happens and you are caught without water, keep in mind that melting fresh snow can give you something to drink if you have no other choice.

3. High-Protein Snacks - Nuts, granola, and even just a jar of peanut butter should be stowed away inside of your vehicle just in case you have to spend a lot of time waiting for a tow truck in the cold.

4. Flashlight with Extra Batteries - You will want to stay as visible as possible in the dark if you have to wait for help overnight in your vehicle. Just make sure you keep extra batteries on hand as the cold temperatures can drain battery power quickly.

5. Battery-Powered Radio - Keeping in touch with what is going on beyond what you can see from your car will be important if you are stranded in the winter. A radio will be incredibly helpful if your car battery is dead.

6. Candles and Matches or a Lighter - In a small space, a candle can actually radiate a fair amount of heat. Something close to a quarter of the combustible energy created by a candle is radiated in the form of valuable heat, and in a dire situation, a candle could keep your hands warm inside of your vehicle while you wait for a towing service.

7. A Day's Supply of Important Medications - If you have certain illnesses and conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, being without your regular medication for a prolonged period can be incredibly dangerous. Tuck away a day's supply of any medications you would need if you were to be stranded in your vehicle for a long time.

During winter storm Thor in 2015, motorists in Kentucky were stranded for hours, waiting on towing services and aid to arrive, because of the horrible roadway conditions and sheer volume of stranded motorists. Make sure you properly prepare for the upcoming winter season as a driver and talk to a towing service for more winter survival tips as a motorist.


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