What You Need To Know Before You Use A Service To Tow A Disabled Vehicle

Posted on: 28 October 2015

Whether you have a disabled RV or Humvee, getting your vehicle towed can be a bump in the road that you didn't see coming. A disabled vehicle can be a headache to deal with, but having a bad towing experience can leave you with bigger problems if you don't clarify some things from the start. Towing companies aren't always prepared to transport certain types of vehicles, over long distances, or to specific locales, so before you enlist the help of just any tow operator, there are a few things you should know.

The Type of Tow You'll Get

Understanding the type of tow, whether flatbed, boom, hook and chain, wheel lift, integrated or trailer options are used for your tow can provide you with not only peace of mind, but a damage-free experience as well. For some vehicles, like luxury models or low-gravity ones, using a flatbed truck may offer you increased security and peace of mind during transport, as damages are least likely when the vehicle is lifted off the ground and contained during the tow. If your vehicle is damaged considerably to where it can't be towed behind the operator's truck, you should always use a flatbed operator. Towing companies may only offer wheel lift, boom, hook and chain, or integrated options though, so be aware of what they offer before they get to the scene.

Your Destination

Not understanding the distance to and location of your destination can be an oversight that will cost you big when all is said and done. Tow operators may not necessarily take your vehicle to a preferred body or service shop, as some opt to work with ones that are closer or well-known to them. Distance may also be a factor that can cost you more if you aren't clear from the beginning. Get a quote on how far your operator will tow for a fixed rate, and what it will cost if you go over the mileage. Some insurance companies, like AAA, allow you to tow, but will only cover up to a specific distance, after which, you'll be paying for the ride yourself. If you aren't familiar with the area, you may want to do some research on a mobile device before you make the call to get a tow, so you know where you want to go and how long it will take to get there from your location.

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