Guard Rail Angels | Taking An In-Depth Look At Tow Truck Services

Posted on: 19 October 2015

As a driver, tow truck services may not be something you consider often. Perhaps, only when you end up as a stranded motorist or apply for roadside assistance coverage with a lender will you really give a towing service or tow truck drivers much thought at all. This is the main reason that most drivers just don't know a great deal about the industry of towing and the professionals who perform the job. Yet, there is a lot more to know about these people who can come to your aid at a moment's notice than what you probably think.

Tow Truck Drivers Are Sometimes Referred to as Guard Rail Angels

Picture the scene of an automobile accident on a busy freeway and the chaos of commotion that is taking place after it happens. You have emergency respondents and police officers working hard to retrieve and resuscitate patients, mangled vehicles, and cars zipping by at 75 mph or more. Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon for the emergency personnel to be in grave danger just because they are doing their job at the scene of an accident.

Tow truck drivers have gained a new name for themselves where auto accidents are concerned. They often stop when they see an accident just to shield the area with their own vehicles to keep the emergency crew and drivers safe from vehicles that are speeding by. This sincere protective nature has earned many tow truck drivers the name Guard Rail Angels, because they essentially put their own life at risk to protect other people from imminent danger on the highway after an accident.

Tow Truck Companies Had a Hand In Promoting Slow Down-Move Over Laws

There are laws in place in most states that make it mandatory for drivers to slow down and move over a lane if possible when they are approaching emergency or service vehicles on roadways. All 50 states have now passed these laws in some form, but getting the public informed about the move over-slow down laws was a big part of the problem. A camaraderie of towing services have rallied together in several locations to bring awareness to drivers about the move over-slow down law by drafting signs and organizing side-of-the-road rallies to remind drivers of the problem.

The next time you have to call on a tow truck service for help, make sure you take a few minutes to give them due credit for the dangers that they face in their job. You never know when one day a Guard Rail Angel may have to come to your aid after an accident. If you're looking for a tow truck company in your area, visit Arctic Thunder Towing & Recovery.


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